Tinghir and Todra valley.

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4WD tracks in the region of Tinghir

Although most of the old tracks of the area have been paved in last years, around Tinghir are still some very interesting options for lovers of 4WD. The two best examples are, without doubt, the classical circuit between the Todra and Dadès gorges and crossing the Jebel Saghro by the Tizi n'Tazazert. This is the description of the two routes.

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Todra Gorges.
Todra Gorges

Tamtatoucht region.
The High Atlas near Tamtatoucht

Tidirine canyon.
Tidirine canyon

Dadès Gorges.
Dadès Gorges

Circuit Todra Gorges – Dadès Gorges

This route is a classic one of 4WD in the area and, although an important part has been paved, remain almost 50 km of quite difficult track. The scenery is beautiful and extraordinarily varied. It takes a minimum of 5 hours for the full circuit, including return to Tinghir by the N-10 road.

Km 0 – Starting in Tinghir center by road to Errachidia and deviation to the left before crossing the river. We overlook the palm-grove, with beautiful views.

Km 15 – We go into Todra gorges. The canyon follow for 18 km. After the valley become more open and we see the marabout named Agourram n’Tamassint.

Km 37 – Tamtatoucht, nice village surrounded by green fields and gray mountains. There are many hostels.

Km 40 – Just after crossing the ravine, we take a track on left. Subsequently we must leave multiple paths at on one side and the other, which go to the stones quarries.

Km 47 – From the right arrives another track coming from Ait Hani, with two consecutive access. In this arid plateau, in winter, there are few nomadic families Aït Merghad with their herds. Mounting a first pass, we descend into a ravine and we climb again by a steep and rocky coast. Here nomadic shepherds are no more Ait Merghad but Ait Atta, grazing areas being clearly divided among tribes.

Km 75 – Tizi n’Aguerd n’Zegzaoun, 2639 m. The descent is softer, but after periods of rain the track can be in a very bad condition.

Km 92 – We reached a major track which we take on left. On right it goes to Agoudal.

Km 93 – Msemrir, large village with quite important market on Saturday and several hostels. From here the road is paved again.

Km 97 – A deviation to the right side leads to the Oussikis dam through the valley of the same name, very fertile, where several beautiful villages are located. Our route continues overlooking the Tidirine canyon to get off after in the Dades valley and pass near nice villages like Tighadouine, located on the other side of the river.

Km 128 – Dadès Gorges. We first passe through a scrolled, then we climb a bit to avoid another which we see from above. After descending by switchbacks, we find ten hostels. The road continues through other interesting landscapes, such as conglomerate formations and the Kasbahs of Ait Larbi and Mohadach among others.

Km 157 – We arrive to the N-10 road in Boumalne Dadès. By this road we come back to Tinghir in 50 km.

Land Rover in the Jebel Saghro.
Between Tinghir and Nkob

Track from Tinghir to Iknioun, Jebel Saghro.
Pass of Tikit

Near Tizi n'Tazazert, Jebel Saghro.
Near the Tizi n'Tazazert

From Tizi n'Tazazert to Nkob.
Going down from Tizi n'Tazazert

Jebel Tazlout, Saghro.
Jebel Tazlout

Bab n'Ali, Jebel Saghro.
Bab n'Ali

Bab n'Ali, Jebel Saghro.
Bab n'Ali

Jebel Saghro.
Local transport in the Jebel Saghro

Track from Tinghir to Nkob by the Tizi n’Tazazert

This route offers the best panoramic views of Jebel Saghro. It takes a minimum of 5 hours from Tinghir to Nkob.

Km 0 – Starting in the center of Tinghir by Avenue Bir Anzarane, and a dirt road to the south.

Km 10 – Ouaklim. We cross the village.

Km 11 – We lease on left a track going to Taghia n’Illamchane and on right another climbing to the mines.

Km 20 – We drive on a plain with crop fields and some houses.

Km 22 – We leave a deviation to the left and one to the right towards Tassetfift.

Km 25 – Begins a steep winding climb.

Km 32 – Pass of Tikit, 1805 m. A mound on the left offers a nice view of the region, from the Todra palm-grove to the top of Amalou n’Mansour. A small cave provides shelter to the shepherds. The descent is soft.

Km 34 – Near a house, we leave a track on right.

Km 36 – Division of the track; we go on right.

Km 37 – We leave a track on right.

Km 38 – Another track arrive from the left.

Km 41 – We cross another track.

Km 43 – We leave a track on right.

Km 45 – We leave a track on left.

Km 47 – We reach a larger track; we turn right. On left, it goes to Ighrem Amazdar, the ancient high court of Aït Atta.

Km 48 – Tin Iourkane, a village with its school.

Km 50 – We pass near a dam.

Km 51 – Igourdane, village with a marabout in the cementery.

Km 53 – We see some villages on right.

Km 54 – We leave a track on left.

Km 56 – Iknioun, important village with a small market on Twesday, some permanent shops, a dispensary, Gendarmerie, a tire repairman and a café that offers the opportunity to spend the night in a rudimentary way. A track start towards Moudou and the Jebel Bougaffer. From there, it continues until the N-12 between Alnif and Tazzarine, but it is in a very bad state and it is at your risk as you'll do it in 4WD. We take the paved road towards Boumalne Dadès.

Km 61 – We take a track to the left, following the sign of Nkob.

Km 65 – In a sharp left turn, we leave two tracks on the right to the mine of Tiouit.

Km 70 – Pass of Tazazert, 2283 m. Starts a steep winding descent, with superb views: first the Tagourt plateau, after the Mount Tazlout resembling a pyramid, after the gorges of Acca n'Akhbache and finally the two rocky peaks of Bab n'Ali. These are mineral landscapes with lots of conglomerate.

Km 85 – At the end of the descent, we lease on left a track going towards Tazzarine.

Km 86 – We pass at the foot of the rocky peaks of Bab n’Ali. There's the hostel Tazlout.

Km 94 – We see on right the small village named Tessaout and on left a palm-grove.

Km 95 – A track on left goes to Tighremt Urda, a small village surrounded by palm trees. After we pass close to a mine and we start a climb to avoid the canyon of Ousdir.

Km 98 – We lease some tracks on right and one on left.

Km 101 – Starts a track on left.

Km 108 – A dirty road arrive from the left. Then we cross the ravine and we lease a track on right.

Km 110 – We arrive to Nkob.

Km 111 – N-12 road from Rissani to the Draâ valley. We can go back to Tinghir by Tazzarine and Alnif, 172 km, all paved.

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